Adler Insurance is your Medicare specialist in Prescott and can help you select the best coverage for your needs during Open Enrollment.

Turning 65 is one way you become eligible for Medicare. You can also be under 65 and be eligible for Medicare because you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI. Open enrollment is the only time people with Medicare can change their health and prescription drug coverage for the following year. Adler Insurance, your Medicare expert in Prescott, is here to help you make sense of Medicare’s 2019 Annual Election Period (also known as Open Enrollment).

Open Enrollment Changes:

  • During Open Enrollment you are allowed to change your Part D or Medicare Advantage (MA) plan.
  • MA or drug plans can change drug coverage lists each year.
  • Your Medicare Advantage plan can also change their network of facilities and physicians
  • MA and drug plans can change how they cover medical services.
  • MA and drug plans can drop additional benefits like dental, vision, and hearing.

When is Medicare’s 2019 Open Enrollment?

  • Medicare’s Open Enrollment is October 15 to December 7, 2018. The effective date of the plan will always be January 1st.
  • Because of the potential changes as listed above, this may be a good time to look at your options!

Does Medigap have an Open Enrollment for 2019?

  • No. You can switch from one Medigap plan to another during this time, but you will have to answer medical questions. 
  • If you want to switch from Medicare Advantage to Medigap, you will also be required to answer medical questions. There may be a exception if you qualify for special enrollment.

Medicare Open Enrollment is the time to shop around to make sure you have the best plan for your needs. Adler Insurance, your Medicare expert in Prescott, is here to help. If you have questions about Medicare coverages, give the experts at Adler Insurance a call at 928-710-1455. Learn more about Medicare and the other services we offer at

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