last minute tips for medicare insurance in Prescott from Adler Insurance

As you may be aware there are only a few days left for seniors to make their 2018 Medicare choices. Adler Insurance, your Prescott area Medicare Broker, would like to remind you of some last-minute tips to help you make your decisions before the Medicare Open Enrollment period ends on December 7, 2017.

Figure out your needs – Take time to review your medical and prescription needs for the upcoming year. Do you foresee having to see a specialist next year? Do you expect higher prescription needs in the coming year? Are you currently undergoing treatment that will continue into the next year. Rather than just comparing your current plan to all of the 2018 choices, you should first determine your needs and see which plans best meets those as far as physicians and drug coverage.

Compare all your options – Many people don’t realize that the original Medicare is not their only choice. It is important to compare not only the original Medicare plan, but also Medicare Advantage Plans offered by private insurance companies. By understanding your personal requirements, it will allow you to make the best choice for your situations.

It’s more than just premium cost – Too often people just look at the monthly premium amount when making their decision about Medicare coverage. But it is important to look past this and also consider the co-pays and deductibles for each plan. You may find that the total out of pocket expenses for the year is actually less with a higher monthly premium because more of your costs are covered directly. For example, if you need to see your physician on a regular basis, does the $20 co-pay of the cheaper plan really save you money over the long run versus the No co-pay of the more expensive plan.

Plan ratings – While this should not be a deciding factor, these ratings should be taken into consideration, since we all want the best healthcare possible. However, if your physician does not participate in a 5 star group, you may choose to find a plan that your doctor does participate with because you know and trust your doctor. Or if a 5 star plan does not cover a prescription you take on a regular basis and another plan does, that may also affect your decision.

If this all seems overwhelming, you are not alone. Because there are changes every year, it is hard for an individual to keep up with all of the options. Thankfully, we are here to help you go through the options and avoid making costly mistakes. To find out more about your choices for Medicare Insurance in Prescott, contact Adler Insurance at 928-710-1455, or on the web at:

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