Adler Insurance navigates Medicare requirements in Prescott

Did you recently move to Prescott from another state? Even though you have to do lists a mile long, make sure that Medicare is on that list. Adler Insurance has put together this article to help you navigate through the Medicare requirements when moving to Prescott.

What type of coverage do you have?

The first thing to address is figuring out what type of Medicare coverage you have. If you reside in the United States or its territories, you can keep your original Medicare coverage (Part A and B). It is important to notify your new local health care provider about the move and they/we can help you with that transferring of records.

Do you Qualify for SEP?

If you have the Medicare supplement policy and/or Part D Prescription Drug Plan, you will want to keep a lookout for a Special Election Period, also known at SEP. Moving to another state will qualify you for the SEP. You need to notify the plan prior to moving and your SEP is four months long. If you wait until after moving to notify the plan, you have two months plus the month you notified. Just know, if you do not enroll in a new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan during your SEP, you may find yourself without drug coverage.

There are other parts of Medicare that need to be addressed, as well. Medicare Advantage plan, stand alone Medicare Part D, Medigap and even Social Security are all subject to change when you move. Just know that each and every part needs to be examined to make sure that you transfer and/or enroll properly in Arizona, so not to lose coverage or pay unnecessary penalties.

Let Adler Insurance help you with sorting out Medicare when, and even before moving to Prescott. We will make sure that you are ready for SEP, if needed, and properly enrolled with all other pieces of Medicare. The main thing is to be prepared and educated. If you need more information on making a move to Prescott with your Medicare plan, call Adler Insurance at 928-710-1455 and discover more at

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