Adler Insurance in Prescott Gives Tips About Medicare for People Turning 65 in 2018With the new year starting soon, everyone seems to be making list of things they need to do next year and resolutions they want to keep. If you will be turning 65 in 2018, you will be eligible for Medicare. Adler Insurance in Prescott would like to give you a list of things you should do in the coming year to be prepared.

  1. If you want either friends or family to be able to contact Medicare on your behalf you will need to fill out an Authorization Form. Neither Medicare nor your physician can give out personal information to anyone but you without a written authorization. This includes spouses!
  2. Make a “Welcome to Medicare” appointment with your physician within the first 12 months you are on Medicare. This free, one-time comprehensive visit puts you in control of your health.
  3. Set up your account at This is your one stop shop to allow you to track your health claims; order a replacement Medicare card; check your Part B deductible status; view your eligibility status; track your preventive services; and have all of your Medicare information in one place.
  4. Learn what Medicare covers. You’ll get a list of tests, items, and services that are covered. Talk to your doctor if there is a test that is not covered to determine why it is needed and possible if there is any way for Medicare to cover it.
  5. Decide if you want to go paperless and get your Medicare & You electronically next year. If so, next October you will get a link to all of the information online rather than receiving the bulky information packet in the mail.

So, if 2018 is your first year on Medicare in Prescott, there is no doubt you will have questions about Medicare Advantage or Supplemental Plans. We are here to help you wade through all the paperwork! Contact the professionals at Adler Insurance at 928-710-1455 or visit our website at

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