Adler Insurance, your Prescott Medicare specialists, can guide you through the complexities of Medicare insurance.

Are you looking for Original Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Plan, or Medicare Supplement Insurance? Do you know when you can enroll or change between plans? For years, Prescott residents have trusted Adler Insurance to answer their questions. If you’re ready for Medicare here’s a brief overview to to help explain what to expect.

If you are ready to enroll in Medicare – whether it’s because of age or disability – there are certain times of the year ,with exceptions, you can choose to enroll in the Medicare coverage you want.

There are two primary ways to get Medicare coverage. One is known as Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). The other is a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). Depending on your needs or desired coverage, some people will want to get additional coverage like Medicare prescription drug coverage. One thing that many people may not understand is that a Medicare Advantage Plan is private insurance. It is not government insurance. Medicare (also known as Original Medicare) is a federal health insurance program. They are two very different types of insurance with different coverages, costs, deductibles and exclusions among other things. Medigap is Medicare Supplement Insurance. The following steps are a guideline to help you decide what coverage you want:.

When you first consider enrolling in Medicare here are some decisions you’ll want to be prepared to make:

  • Do you want Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) (like an HMO or PPO)?
  • Do you want prescription drug coverage (Part D)?
  • Do you want supplemental coverage (Medigap)?
  • Do you know about other options?

Even if you have Original Medicare you may be able to get other types of Medicare health plans.

Depending on your income and resources you may be able to get help paying costs or have other choices available to you. You may also have additional co-coverage through an employer, a union, the military, or from veterans’ benefits.

If you’re eligible for Medicare and need help determining which plan is best for you or how Medicare works with other insurance, then don’t wait to call Prescott’s local Medicare insurance experts at Adler Insurance. Call us at 928-710-1455 or  visit us at for more information.

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