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    Medicare Advantage Plan

    If you do not have a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan, the original Medicare plan may be costing you unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. This is because the original Medicare plan has no cap on your annual out-of-pocket exposure. Medicare Part C is a lower-cost alternative plan that also offers more benefits. Fortunately, most individuals over the age of 65 are eligible for the Medicare Advantage Plan, since there are generally no medical questions asked on the application for coverage.

    The Medicare Advantage plan includes all the benefits provided by Part A and Part B, as well as additional benefits, like prescription drug coverage, all in one plan. One important benefit of the Medicare Advantage Plan, or Part C, is that it is less expensive and offers predictable costs. This Plan includes set copayments and defined out-of-pocket maximums. This means there are no surprise medical expenses.

    Most Medicare Advantage Plans are what are called “Fee for Service Plans.” This means there is a co-payment charged for most services provided, including office visits, tests, treatments, and hospitalizations. There is a yearly limit to the amount you can be charged in co-payments for in-network medical services normally covered under Medicare Parts A and B.

    With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can go to any medical provider that accepts your plan. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include a wide variety of services, including everything from prescription drug coverage to gym memberships. When you choose Medicare Part C, you will need to choose a network primary care provider (PCP), who coordinates your care.

    This includes:

    • X-Rays 
    • Laboratory Tests
    • Therapies 
    • Care From Specialists
    • Hospital Admissions
    • Follow-Up Care

    At Adler Insurance, we are experts when it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans in Prescott, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, and Sedona, AZ. We have some of the most experienced agents evaluating our clients’ situations, so we can recommend insurance coverage that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.