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Health coverage is meant to be obtainable by everyone, however in some cases medical care would be out of reach for those who cannot afford it financially. Medicaid could be your solution. Adler insurance in Prescott explains what Medicaid is and who can get it.

What is Medicaid?

According to the U.S. Government Social Security Administration’s website, they define Medicaid as follows:

“Medicaid is a jointly funded, Federal-State health insurance program for low-income and needy people.  It covers children, the aged, blind, and/or disabled and other people who are eligible to receive federally assisted income maintenance payments.”

Arizona has the following eligibility requirements for determining who qualifies for Medicaid:

  • Children 0-1 with family income up to 147% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • Age 1-5 with family income up to 141% of FPL.
  • Age 6-18 with family income up to 133% of FPL.
  • Pregnant women with family income up to 156% of FPL.
  • Parents with family income up to 133% of FPL.
  • Childless, non-elderly adults with family income up to 133% of FPL.
  • Elderly and disabled individuals who have special requirements and meet certain income limits.

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