Your independent insurance agent in Prescott is Adler Insurance.

Consumers generally think they benefit when they buy insurance directly. Adler Insurance explains why this is not true. Many customers think a middle man is an unnecessary third party and they will pay more. So why should you hire an independent insurance broker agent. So what is really important to consumers when researching insurance? These are the 5 things that consumers are concerned with when purchasing insurance.

1. Cost- contrary to belief broker pricing is actually better than direct insurance pricing. The reason for this seems is due to insurers providing different rates to brokers so the premiums are lower.

2. Ease – most thought that buying directly would be easier, but many online queries fell through the cracks. Most brokers are more pro-active in answering phone calls and emails.

3. Speed – Many direct services are routed to call centers with staff not really having insurance knowledge. Brokers were more efficient and saved customers lots of time by answering their questions at the time of inquiry and having the information.

4. Peace of mind that everything is covered – Brokers are more efficient at cross-checking policies and educating their customers with detailed explanations of coverage. Many times the really good direct services focused only covering the low risk policies, and leaving any consumer with non-standard requirements high and dry.

5. Security of personal data – Brokers were better at giving people a stronger feeling that they were in safe hands because they were dealing directly over the phone and not just inputting their data into a website.

Let Adler Insurance help you with all your insurance needs. Trust us to shop around and the policy that best suits your needs. For more information call us at 928-710-1455 or check out our website at

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